CalFresh (formerly known as Food Stamps) is a nutrition program that may supplement family's food budget in order to ensure they are getting adequate nutrition. CalFresh can only be used to purchase food items and beneficiaries receive monthly benefits electronically on an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card. For more information, see links below:

Frequently Asked Questions

The CalFresh program is a nutrition program that supplements a qualified family’s food budget to add healthy and nutritious food to the table. CalFresh benefits can be used to buy almost all foods, as well as seeds and plants to grow food for household use. The CalFresh program issues monthly benefits electronically on an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card.

The Food and Nutrition Service renamed Food Stamps to Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), but in California it is called CalFresh.

In order to receive CalFresh from Stanislaus County, here are some of the general requirements you must meet in order to be eligible.

  • A resident of Stanislaus County
  • Citizen or Lawful immigration status (such as Legal Permanent Resident (LPR), Alien Registration Card, visa) or certain noncitizens
  • Income eligible household
  • Provide or apply for Social Security Numbers for all household members
  • Willingness to provide all requested verifications

You may apply:

  • Online at
  • Faxing/Mailing the completed application to the County:
    • You may print out an application at
    • An application can be mailed out to you by calling the Community Services Agency (CSA) office at 1-877-652-0734
    • Fax number to submit application is (209)558-2189
    • Mailing address to submit application is:
      Stanislaus County CSA
      P.O. Box 42
      Modesto, CA 95353-0042
  • In person at any Community Services Agency (CSA) office (Please refer to the officece locations in FAQ question 5.)
  • Over the phone with the use of Electronic Signature (eSignature)

You must have an interview with a case manager before benefits can be approved.

Community Services Agency (CSA)
251 E. Hackett Road
Modesto, CA 95358

CSA Turlock
1310 W. Main St
Turlock, CA 95380

Hughson Collaborative
2413 3rd Street
Hughson, CA 95326

West Modesto Community Center
401 Paradise Road, Suite E
Modesto, CA 95351

East County Service Center
1405 West F St, Suite I
Oakdale, CA 95361

West County Service Center
101 W. Las Palmas Ave
Patterson, CA 95363

The Community Services Agency offices are open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Your name, address and signature are required to apply for CalFresh benefits. If you are homeless, only your name and signature are required.

You may apply without proof, but you will have to give certain information before your CalFresh benefits can be approved. Your worker will tell you what proof is needed. If you cannot get the proof yourself ask your worker to help you. Here is a list of some of items that are required:

  • Proof of identity for the applicant
  • Social Security number(s)
  • Naturalization document(s)
  • Alien registration card(s)
  • Income verification

No. Adults without dependents may apply for and be eligible for CalFresh benefits.

No, but you have to be an eligible non-citizen. You must have the legal right to stay in the United States permanently or temporary.

You must be low-income to qualify for CalFresh. Below are the income standards effective 10/1/2018. These amounts usually change every October. If your Household (HH) income falls below the income standard, you may be eligible for CalFresh benefits.

CalFresh Monthly Income Standard Chart
Effective 10/1/2018

HH Size Max Gross Monthly Income 200% Max Net Monthly Income Maximum Monthly Allotment
1 $2,024 $1,012 $192
2 $2,744 $1,372 $353
3 $3,464 $1,732 $505
4 $4,184 $2,092 $642
5 $4,904 $2,452 $762
6 $5,624 $2,812 $914
7 $6,344 $3,172 $1,011
8 $7,064 $3,532 $1,155
Each additional person add: $720 $360 $144

There are no property limits for most CalFresh households as long as the household is under the 200% income limit. Property information is still required to be reported to the case manager, but due to Modified Categorical Eligibility most CalFresh household will have no property limit. The household must still meet other eligibility criteria.

Property will affect some excluded households that contain members with the following conditions:

  • Disqualified for an Intentional Program Violation (IPV)
  • Any Head of household that does not comply with work requirements

The excluded CalFresh household’s property limit is $2,250 and if the excluded CalFresh household has an elderly or disabled member the property limit is $3,500.

If you have little or no food, you may be eligible for Expedited CalFresh benefits. Expedited CalFresh benefits may be available to you within three days if you and your household are eligible for the CalFresh program and have 1) Rent or mortgage and utility costs that are more than your liquid resources and this month's income before deductions, OR 2) No more than $100 in liquid resources and less than $150 income for the month before deductions, OR 3) No more than $100 in liquid resources and at least one member who is a migrant or seasonal farm worker. Before you can get CalFresh benefits, you must be interviewed within three days and provide proof of your identity.

Yes, you may be eligible to benefits. There are a few special rules for households that contain an elderly or disabled member. Elderly/Disabled households are entitled to special deductions for excess shelter costs, excess medical expenses, and determination of income eligibility based on adjusted net income only. Elderly/Disabled households are not subject to the Gross Income test for CalFresh eligibility.

Yes. You will be asked to provide a contact address/phone number so we can reach you if necessary. If you do not have an alternate mailing address we will provide a local address for you to use so you can pick up your mail.

Yes, you can apply, however your parents must be included in your application.

No. The state of California provides a portion of money in the SSP payment that is intended to help the recipient buy food. You may apply for other household members who do not receive SSI/SSP.

Effective April 1, 2015 individuals who have a drug felony may be eligible to benefits.

CalFresh benefits are accessed through an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card. The EBT card works much like an ATM or debit card and can be used to buy groceries.

EBT cards do not work for various reasons, such as the card may not be active, or there are no remaining benefits. You may call the EBT Customer Service Automated Response Unit (ARU) at 1-877-328-9677 or your case manager at 1-877-652-0734.

Call the EBT Customer Service Automated Response Unit (ARU) at 1-877-328-9677 to report your card lost or stolen immediately. At this time you may also request a new card be mailed to you. If you need a new card right away contact your case manager or go into your local Community Services Agency office.

Yes, you may apply for CalFresh benefits at any time.

You may:

  • Go online to
  • Go online to the California EBT Client Website
  • Call EBT Customer Service Automated Response Unit (ARU) 1-877-328-9677
  • Call our automated system at 1-877-652-0734 for benefit information or to speak to a Customer Service Representative.

You may contact:

  • Online
  • Call our automated system at 1-877-652-0734 to speak to a Customer Service Representative, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

CalFresh Assistance Locations

Picture Map Link Contact Information
Map Ceres Partnership for Healthy Children
2908 4th Street
Ceres, CA 95307
Phone: (209) 541-0101
Fax: (209) 541-0909
Map Newman Family Resource Center
1300 Patchett Dr.
Newman, CA 95360
Phone: (209) 862-0295
Fax: (209) 862-3754
Map Oakdale Family Resource Center
631 W. F Street
Oakdale, CA 95361
Phone: (209) 847-0420
Fax: (209) 847-0439
Map Patterson Family Resource Center
118 N Second Street, Suite D
Patterson, CA 95363
Phone: (209) 892-6688
Fax: (209) 892-6949
Map Turlock Family Resource Center (Aspiranet)
2160 Geer Rd
Turlock, CA 95382
Phone: (209) 668-6118
Fax: (209) 668-9701
Picture Map Link Contact Information
Map North Modesto/Salida Family Resource Center
2020 Standiford Avenue, Suite C1
Modesto, CA 95356
Phone: (209) 338-0279
Fax: (209) 338-0283
Map Hughson Family Resource Center
6940 Hughson Avenue
Hughson, CA 95326
Phone: (209) 883-2027
Fax: (209) 883-2028
Map Parent Resource Center
811 5th Street
Modesto, CA 95351
Phone: (209) 549-8193
Fax: (209) 576-8718
Map Parent Family Resource Center Airport Neighborhood Partnership
530 S. Santa Cruz Avenue
Modesto, CA 95354
Phone: (209) 549-8822
Fax: (209) 549-8823
Map The Bridge
605 Chicago Avenue
Modesto, CA 95351
Phone: (209) 571-8430
Fax: (209) 338-0257
Map The Drop-In Center
908 Sierra Drive
Modesto, CA 95351
Phone: (209) 492-9785
Fax: (209) 492-9174

C4Yourself is an online application system that allows you to apply for the CalFresh Program. This is a secured site and all your information will be private and safe.

Apply online at: C4Yourself

For information and screen shots on completing the application through C4yourself, see the C4Yourself External User Guide.